getting a list of aliases ordered by the aliasee

This is fairly trivial…and I’ve no idea if ‘aliasee‘ is a real word or not, but I found this quite useful today:

get-alias | select ResolvedCommand, name | sort -property resolvedcommand

On my laptop, this gives:

ResolvedCommand Name --------------- ---- Add-Content ac Add-PSSnapin asnp Clear-Content clc Clear-History clhy Clear-Host cls Clear-Host clear Clear-Item cli Clear-ItemProperty clp Clear-Variable clv Compare-Object diff Compare-Object compare Connect-PSSession cnsn Convert-Path cvpa Copy-Item cp Copy-Item copy Copy-Item cpi Copy-ItemProperty cpp Disable-PSBreakpoint dbp Disconnect-PSSession dnsn Enable-PSBreakpoint ebp Enter-PSSession etsn Exit-PSSession exsn Export-Alias epal Export-Csv epcsv Export-PSSession epsn ForEach-Object foreach ForEach-Object % Format-Custom fc Format-List fl Format-Table ft Format-Wide fw Get-Alias gal get-cal cal Get-ChildItem dir Get-ChildItem ls Get-ChildItem gci Get-Command gcm Get-Content cat Get-Content gc Get-Content type get-functions getf Get-History history Get-History ghy Get-History h Get-Item gi Get-ItemProperty gp Get-Job gjb Get-Location pwd Get-Location gl Get-Member gm Get-Module gmo get-os gos Get-Process gps Get-Process ps Get-PSBreakpoint gbp Get-PSCallStack gcs Get-PSDrive gdr Get-PSSession gsn Get-PSSnapin gsnp Get-Service gsv Get-Unique gu Get-Variable gv Get-WmiObject gwmi Group-Object group help man Import-Alias ipal Import-Csv ipcsv Import-Module ipmo Import-PSSession ipsn Invoke-Command icm Invoke-Expression iex Invoke-History r Invoke-History ihy Invoke-Item ii Invoke-Locate.ps1 locate Invoke-NullCoalescing ?? Invoke-RestMethod irm Invoke-WebRequest wget Invoke-WebRequest iwr Invoke-WebRequest curl Invoke-WmiMethod iwmi Measure-Object measure mkdir md Move-Item move Move-Item mv Move-Item mi Move-ItemProperty mp New-Alias nal New-Item ni New-Module nmo New-PSDrive mount New-PSDrive ndr New-PSSession nsn New-PSSessionConfigurationFile npssc New-Variable nv Out-GridView ogv Out-Host oh Out-Printer lp Pop-Location popd powershell_ise.exe ise Push-Location pushd Receive-Job rcjb Receive-PSSession rcsn Remove-Item rmdir Remove-Item del Remove-Item rd Remove-Item rm Remove-Item erase Remove-Item ri Remove-ItemProperty rp Remove-Job rjb Remove-Module rmo Remove-PSBreakpoint rbp Remove-PSDrive rdr Remove-PSSession rsn Remove-PSSnapin rsnp Remove-Variable rv Remove-WmiObject rwmi Rename-Item rni Rename-Item ren Rename-ItemProperty rnp Resolve-Path rvpa Resume-Job rujb Select-Object select Select-String sls Set-Alias sal Set-Content sc set-debug db Set-Item si Set-ItemProperty sp Set-Location sl Set-Location chdir Set-Location cd Set-PSBreakpoint sbp Set-Variable sv Set-Variable set Set-WmiInstance swmi Sort-Object sort Start-Job sajb Start-Process start Start-Process saps Start-Service sasv Start-Sleep sleep Stop-Job spjb Stop-Process kill Stop-Process spps Stop-Service spsv Suspend-Job sujb Tee-Object tee Trace-Command trcm Update-LocateDB.ps1 updatedb Wait-Job wjb Where-Object where Where-Object ? Write-Output write Write-Output echo