all the podcasts I've ever tweeted about

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a long time – these are the ones I’ve tweeted about. The Powershell code I used to extract the tweets from a spreadsheet is here. You can download a spreadsheet of your own tweets from Twitter – I think it was somewhere under ‘Settings’

Very much enjoyed podcast talk by John Waters about hitch-hiking across America.

Podcast lecture by Dr Simon Draper on Wessex Place Names. Discusses amesbury, salisbury, broadchalke, wilton & more

Draper says “”Salisbury is a tricky one-excuse the pun””. If you get that a) you’re as nerdy as me b) you’ll enjoy this

Enjoying podcast WTF interview with Simon Pegg covering Baudrillard, Star Wars, cheese rolling & some swears

Celebrity interviews on TV can be a bit rubbish, but this is a good example of an interesting bloke talking at length about what he does.

Great-looking @BBCRadio4 music podcast: Docs on 2-Tone, Nina, Fela, Dexys, Beatles, LKJ, some woman called Kate Bush

RT @davidhepworth: If you’re returning to work today you might be pleased to have a new Word podcast featuring @SimonNapierBell

RT @LSEpublicevents: #LSEhighlights from Feb 2014 ‘The Sports Gene:talent, practice& the truth about success’ @DavidEpstein The Sports Gene: talent, practice and the truth about success – Video and audio – News and media – Home

‘The Sports Gene’ is largely a ‘reply’ to the argument that if you pracice something enough (Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours) then you will become really good.

RT @BBCRadio4: Download the Mastertapes podcast. Musicians talk about their defining albums. Archive:

Listening to #InOurTime podcast on Tristram Shandy. Didn’t know the author was from Clonmel. Is all of English Lit. written by the Irish? BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time, Tristram Shandy

A @BBCRadio4 podcast about the Trinity
A @BBCRadio4 podcast about the Trinity
A @BBCRadio4 podcast about the Trinity BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time, The Trinity

This is a @BBCRadio4 podcast about Spartacus. No, THIS is a @BBCRadio4 podcast about Spartacus! Etc BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time, – Spartacus

Podcast from @HistoryExtra on Monte Cassino. My grandad was there, with other ironically-described ‘D-Day Dodgers’

Very interesting podcast with Irving Finkel of @BritishMuseum about Babylonian tablet detailing a Great Flood and Ark The Babylonian Noah and Norse mythology | Podcast | History Extra

The Halloween sound effects on @BBCRadio4’s Now Show imply I’m getting behind with my podcasts.

Enjoying catching up with the @sodajerker podcasts. Amazing line-up: Bragg, Stoller, Sedaka, Tilbrook, Mann/Weill… Sodajerker

Great anecdotage from @NeilInnes on the @sodajerker songwriting podcast Sodajerker – Neil Innes

Podcast talk by @James_Fearnley on the story of the magnificent Pogues: James Fearnley | Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues Podcast – Free Library

Some very funny stuff on this podcast: @Bullseye’s best comedy of 2013

Fascinating podcast with @MatthewDancona on ‘the inside story of the coalition government’ – how it works, or not In It Together: the inside story of the coalition government – 10 – 2013 – Events – Public events – Home

Fed up of worrying about floods and global warming? Eric Schlosser podcast of nuclear weapons accidents:

Fascinating stuff – @JohnThavis podcasts The Vatican Diaries thavis | Authors On Tour – Live! Seems more Yes Minister than Absolute Monarchy

@billybragg enjoying podcast i/view with ABC. Recognized the thing about people having arguments about ‘No, that was the FIRST World War..’ Billy Bragg – ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler

Touching @RTEDocOnOne podcast doc about Michael Jackson’s time in Co. Meath RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One – Michael Jackson’s Irish Driver

Very much enjoyed pyscho-geographical @littleatoms podcast-ing around East London with John Rogers (@fuguer)

I learnt lots of wonderful things from @JoMarchant’s @LittleAtoms podcast on the Afterlife of King Tut

Podcast about ‘cradle of cavalierism’ Sherborne. (called On the trail of Civil War) . Never knew about it.

Another @AuthorEvents podcast. Reza Aslan on the historical Jesus. Fascinating whatever your belief, I think

Podcast talk by Eric Schlosser on nuclear weapons accidents. Scary stuff

Listening to @bbcradio4 ‘master tapes’ podcast of Waterboys Fishermans Blues. Deep joy. BBC Radio 4 – Mastertapes, Series 2, Mike Scott and Steve Wickham of the Waterboys (the A-Side)

#Podcast on ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can?t Stop Talking ‘ is at

Listening to @susancain ‘Authors on Tour’ podcast on Introverts – interesting on effective ways to work etc. Chimes with @energy_project

Gem of a podcast from @AuthorEvents on 17-18th Century ornamental hermits and their descent/ascent into garden gnomes

Funny, Sedaris-esque podcast by Jonathan Goldstein, who’s on a show called Wiretap apparently

Listening to a radio show about a podcast. The presenter mentions ‘re-winding’ the podcast. I like that you still ‘re-wind’ mp3’s.

Just been listening to the @bbc5live podcast from last years Champions League Final again. I think I’ve got something in my eye….

Listened to @eyeonbooks podcast about an ex-Microsoft chap who’s now building libraries around the world.

A Shanklyism from Great Lives #podcast. On football – ‘there are other things in life, but not many more’ BBC Radio 4 – Great Lives, Series 30, Bill Shankly

Listening to recent podcast-lectures from my old college. They start by announcing the lecture’s hashtag. They didn’t do that back in 1984

This is a very good mp3 ‘Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation’ by @michaelpollan
,Pollan says we spend ave. of 27 mins cooking per day. Sometimes less than we spend watching cookery programs on TV
The central thing, I think, from Michael Pollan’s podcast is that we’ve outsourced cooking to corporations, And they cook differently. Michael Pollan | Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation Podcast – Free Library

Learnt from previously tweeted #podcast that Mrs T had a ‘more formidable’ sister, Muriel. And that Margaret dated Muriel’s future husband

Fascinating podcast lecture on Mrs Thatcher by her official biographer Charles Moore (from @LSEpublicevents)

Found this but not listened to it yet – #podcast with Edward Rutherfurd who wrote Sarum

Listened to a podcast about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Can be caused by solar flares. Something else to worry about

Podcast by writer of a book on parental myths e.g. cracking knuckles, importance of breakfast, running with scissors

Just found that Mike Harding is doing his folk show as a podcast – good for him!

Podcast: long but interesting conversation with John Lloyd of QI, Blackadder, etc

Listening to a podcast with John Lloyd. He says ‘the more successful you are the less likely you are to “get” QI’

These look interesting couch-to-5k (and beyond) running podcasts from the NHS:

Entirely coincidentally this tumbled off my #podcast backlog. I/view with Eamon Duffy on 10 Popes Who Shook the World

RTE podcast interview with one of those chaps that pretends to be a statue

Great Lives podcast with @StuartMaconie about Vaughan Williams. Didn’t know he was descendant of Darwins and Wilbeforces.

Suspect the Obama aides mean they tape all journalistic convo’s, but interestingish contrast between the two podcasts esp. given its W’ward

The Bowden podcast where they tell him everything is taped (and give him a transcript of his i/view) is on binLaden

Podcast #1 – Obama aide tells M Bowden everything is taped P’cast #2 with BOB WOODWARD has O & aides aghast at the idea

Robey says in the podcast that this quote isn’t from Hendrix, it’s from William Gladstone.

Good podcast about Jimi Hendrix by Steven Roby with audio interviews with Hendrix

Podcast on US Generals since WW2 by Thomas Ricks is here: It’s worth a listen

Quote from podcast on U.S. Generals: 99% of Americans ignore the wars, the other 1% fight them

Podcast interview about God, atheism and the universe. Interesting to hear sceptic movement engaging

Listening to Nigel Lawson podcast. Says European Finance Ministers enjoyed meeting ‘cos they never had any friends within their own govt’s

Former Fugee @Wyclef Jean talk #podcast Especially interesting on diaspora voting rights.Great music at the end

Listening to podcast from Munich. I think ‘Come on, Didier’ are three of my favourite words.

An #podcast just made the point that JFK’s opposite number in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Castro, is still in power. Seems like another age

Short, very good, but fairly gruesome RTE #podcast about Dracula’s Irish roots.

#Podcast about Gaston Glock – a curtain-rod manufacturer who started making guns in 1982

#podcast reading from @SPLBuzz of ‘Spurs’, which inspired Todd Browning’s 1930s film ‘Freaks’. Unpleasant, but good

Interesting @EyeOnBooks #podcast about Watergate etc. Didn’t know Nixon knew who Deep Throat was all along

Listening to In Our Time #podcast on Voltaire’s Candide (pretentious…moi?). Reminds me of ‘doing’ the book at school.

Interesting in podcast just tweeted – location of Facebook & Google datacentres determined by cool climate and security of electric supply

Fascinating, geeky #podcast about the physical internet – undersea cables, fibre rooms, Ashburn, Primeville etc

Interesting #podcast talk by @tom_watson. Says when he became an MP he was himself ‘part of the problem’

#Podcast lecture by Jamal Joseph of the Black Panthers. Stirring stuff.

@cliffsull Didn’t know about the Ulysses podcast. I’ll give that a go (perhaps in parts!). Thanks

Walt Disney quote from the podcast. ‘The only advertising worth having is free advertising’

Another Hollywood #podcast. James B Stuart on ‘Disneywar’. Doesn’t pull punches re: Michael Eisner

Brilliant #podcast talk about old Hollywood. Top notch anecdotage and impressions by director Peter Bogdanovich

Very good talk/podcast by Simon Winchester on Krakatoa. The book’s good but I enjoyed the podcast more tbh

Richard Dawkins reading and discussion podcast from 2003 @FreeLibrary. More interesting than you might expect, maybe

Bill Bryson #podcast @FreeLibrary from the ‘Short History of Everything’ book tour is very amusing

Lecture #podcast by Sir Martin Gilbert on the Holocaust and ‘The Righteous’ who helped the Jews. Not an easy listen

Been listening to podcasts on the way to work – Alan Green’s “Come on, Didier!” was a great moment of radio commentary. #cfcmunich

Fascinating #podcast for people of a certain age – the 1981 Cabinet Papers. Mainly riots and recession…

Harry Belafonte #podcast takes in jazz,Dr King, the Kennedys and being met off a night-flight to Mississippi by the KKK

Great #podcast on the New Jersey maneating-shark attacks of 1916 Scary stuff

Fascinating podcast by presidential aide David Gergen on Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, leadership.

K Burns-baseball #podcast says: ‘When you tell me the truth you tell me one thing, when you tell me a lie[myth] you tell me many things’

RT @bbc_podcasts: Witness: Johnny Cash plays Folsom prison. How playing a high-security jail in 1968 transformed the career of…

A man after my own heart – the Emerald Elvis in an RTE podcast

Listened to the Max Hastings podcast on WW2 here: Very interesting

Interesting LSE podcast on legal/financial aspects of Google:

Interesting Allison Pearson podcast: Allison Pearson’s ‘Love’ Letter To Keith Partridge : NPR David Cassidy bestrode her teenage world like a collosus, apparently

Got the wrong President! @FreeLibrary lecture podcast on is John Adams, 2nd US Pres not his son(?), John Quincy Adams

Listening to very good @FreeLibrary lecture podcast on John Quincy Adams (6th US President) by David McCullough

Listening to a radio 4 @bbc_podcasts. Rebekah Brooks is a Cramps fan. Love the Cramps, don’t think much of her, but it makes sense.

Fascinating academic podcast on Hollywood & US Politics. Heston, Reagan, Arnie, Fonda, Chaplin, Lenin, Oprah etc

Short podcast about Eisenhower and Suez: . Learnt a new (journalistic) phrase ‘if it bleeds, it leads’

Simon Schama on a podcast: “the blog is a staggeringly beautiful form for un-monitored utter self indulgence”. Certainly true for mine…

@New Yorker podcast on Upstairs, Downstairs – I didn’t see the new series but have enjoyed the re-runs on ITV3 or 4

Podcasts on English language: Jokes, bible, shakespear & q time v good

Listening to the last remaining BBC Interview podcasts. Shai Agassi,Gerry Conlon, Spiegelman, Charlie Wilson. Can’t believe it was cancelled

Listening to a podcast on cowboy poetry. Discovered the word buckaroo comes from Spanish vaquero meaning cowboy. Who knew?

I enjoy the desert island discs podcasts. The music extracts are nearly always quite long enough 🙂

PD James on childbirth during the Blitz – it was ‘difficult to endure with equanimity’. Marvelous @FreeLibrary podcast [sadly no longer available]

Wendy Wasserstein podcast @FreeLibrary tells of ’90s bomb scare @GreenwichTheatr.Lipman,Suzman etc did show in the park Wendy Wasserstein | On Writing Podcast – Free Library – I saw the show in Greenwich on a different night.

Listened to a BBC podcast yesterday and found out Radio 2 fave of my childhood Hi Calypso was about Jack Cousteau’s boat. Obvious really

Very Christmassy RTE podcast on The Nightsingers of Brighton, Newfoundland Lovely

@freelibrary podcast by @stacyschiff on Cleopatra and biography generally Great stuff!

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Fifty years on Podcast from the LSE is at Mainly about trial, v good. Some rudery.

Listened to a v good podcast from the LSE about the Lady Chatterleys Lover trial

Listening to Melvyn Bragg talking about unicorns and Boadicea on In Our Time podcasts, All good

Enjoyed local lad Biggens talking about Nero on Great Lives podcast BBC Radio 4 – Great Lives, Series 20, Nero

Listening to a very good lecture podcast from @UniOfBath about Avebury. Will tweet a link later. Public Lecture Podcast – University of Bath

Giving my brain a workout by listening to the great Cornel West lecture/podcast from @FreeLibrary of Philadlphia Cornel West | Race Matters Podcast – Free Library

Lovely radio doc/podcast about Michael Tierney of Ennis – ‘one of the last great characters of County Clare’ RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One – I Could Have Danced All Night

Not really a fan, but the Dr Who podcast on The Sound of Young America was interesting enough Doctor Who Writer Steven Moffat and Stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun

Did enjoy this podcast about Lemmy, the man and the movie Lemmy, the Directors and the Man: Interviews on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun

Podcast on the political context of St Paul . How radical it was to proclaim the divinity of someone other than Caesar John Dominic Crossan | In Search of Paul: Exploring the Great Apostle’s World and Words Podcast – Free Library

Lovely lecture podcast covering childhood in Brooklyn, baseball, first confession, LBJ, Churchill, mortality etc The Art of Biography Podcast – Free Library

Listened to a Jon Ross show podcast today. Duane Eddy talking about Elvis, Link Wray and Lee Hazlewood…. Will miss @wossy

Listened to an podcast about Martin Luther King’s assassination Hampton Sides | Hellhound On His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the International Hunt for His Assassin Podcast – Free Library Interesting on Memphis, the FBI, less so on the killer

This FLP podcast-lecture-thing is good too – Starbucks and Harveys (pre-war restaurant/hotel chain/bookshop)

Good lecture podcast by Philip Blond, the Red Tory at my old college. Q&A is the best bit. Gives Cameron some context

Listening to an interesting enough podcast about Harveys, a 19th century restaurant/hotel chain and Starbucks Bryant Simon | Everything but the Coffee: Learning About America from Starbucks with Stephen Fried | Appetite for America: How Visionary Businessman Fred Harvey Built a Railroad Hospitality Empire That Civilized the Wild West Podcast – Free Library

An Free Library of Phil. podcast on “celebrity roasts” – Jeffrey Ross | I Only Roast the Ones I Love Podcast – Free Library A strange offshoot of celeb culture – interesting though

Bath University (@UniofBath) public lecture podcast about Avebury here: Public Lecture Podcast – University of Bath – you’ll need to ‘search within the page’ fpr ‘Avebury’
???got here

Listening to History of the World in 100 Objects podcasts. Good but probably best not listened to one after the other BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – A History of the World in 100 Objects

Very amusing @thewordmagazine podcast tumbled off my mp3 backlog. D Baker et al on shops, prog, punk, Dury, Stanshall

Bill Gates has done an interview with the BBC World Service. It’s available as a podcast here: BBC World Service – The Interview Archive, Bill Gates, Philanthropist

listened to an interesting National Archives podcast on duelling How to win a duel | The National Archives

Listened to a brilliant but yucky podcast on parasites – Parasites – Radiolab

The Beeb has started podcasting Desert Island Discs – hooray! BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young

My favourite Xmas-related podcast – the Nightsingers of Brighton, Newfoundland. From RTE RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One – The Nightsingers of Brighton

I’m not really into the ‘skeptical community’ thing but I’ve been enjoying the Little Atoms podcasts Little Atoms
???go here
Listened to a couple of podcast i/views with Francis Wheen. Good on the 70s and Karl Marx

Listened to a Freakonomics podcast: Stephen J. Dubner | SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance Podcast – Free Library – it’s good in bits. Especially the hand washing story

Listened to this short podcast about food waste. Possibly more….digestible than the whole book. waste.mp3

A day late for Remembrance, but this podcast is about the ‘real’ Great Escape. Tragic. The Great Escape: you’ve seen the film, now hear the truth | The National Archives

I listened to a podcast of “In Conversation with The Rt Hon Sir John Major”. Interesting. Scroll down at 2007 – Public lectures and events – Channels – Video and audio – News and media – Home

Listened to a good ABC podcast re:psychogeography while jogging today. Very appropriate for my jogging…. Psychogeography: discovering the mental terrain of the city – All In The Mind – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Top trivia, including the tsunami thing, on Seattle library lecture by Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings
I either forgot or never heard about this.10 year old learns about tsunamis at school then soon after saves family

Interesting @eyeonbooks i/view with the chap who saved Pres. Reagan’s life and his wife, who was across the road Bill Thompson’s Eye on Books – Interviews With Bestselling Authors

Doreen Lawrence chooses Redmption Song and Hello Mama Africa on @BBCRadio4 Inheritance Tracks it_20131214-1136a.mp3

Jeff Speck on the TED talk says we’re wasting our money, time and health on the highway. Jeff Speck: The walkable city | Talk Video |

This is good (& it made me feel v smug) @JeffSpeckAICP on ‘the walkable city’ Jeff Speck: The walkable city | Talk Video |

Fascinating radio doc by @misterhsk on the founding of football in a pub in Covent Garden

BBC doc ‘My War, My Playlist’ about the music on soldiers’ MP3 players. Oddly moving

Foxy trivia was from @UniOfBath ‘Outfoxing Crusaders – parody, satire and non-participation in the crusades’

Top trivia:the original French word for ‘fox’ was gupil. ‘Renard’ was a legendary fox. It’s as if we replaced the word ‘mouse’ with ‘mickey’,,,,

#whatIlearnedtoday Bonnie Tyler’s real name is Gaynor

..and this is a very good mp3 ‘Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation’ by

Heard a really interesting mp3 talk on marketing for non-profits, TMI, compassion fatigue and not messing with Texas Andy Goodman | The Four Connecting Points: Communication That Leads to Action Podcast – Free Library

@NessainBath BTW, I’m not really a Queen fan but this doc is really good RT� Radio 1: Documentary on One – Rhapsody in Bohemia