Sketchnotes from 24 Hours of Pass: 2014 launch edition

These are my sketchnotes from last week’s ’24 Hours of Pass’ on-line event. All the talks were useful and interesting, my notes perhaps are neither….but they do serve to jog my memory.

’24 Hours of Pass’ is an online event. 24 speakers talk about 24 sqlserver related topics over, surprisingly enough 24 hours. It’s very good and the next one, at the time of writing, is in September.

The ’24 Hours of Pass’ points of presence are:

Twitter: @24Hop
Website: 24 Hours of PASS

I’m going to put a bit of text around the works of art below, if only so that you can see where one starts and the other ends.

I’d like to emphasize that these are just my impressions. I may have misunderstood or written stuff down wrong or otherwise mucked up. The presenters slides should be available on the 24 Hours of PASS website – these will be much more authoritative….but will have fewer drawings of Terminators

SQL 2014: changes to the optimizer

First up was a great talk about changes to the optimizer in 2014 – specifically around the cardinality estimator. The way I understood it (which could be well wide of the mark – I can’t vouch for having recorded anything accurately….I may have been scanning or tweeting or wondering whether I could draw a penguin at a critical moment) was the the cardinality estimator has changed little or not at all since SQL 7.0.
SQL 2014 Changes to Query Plans

Next, a talk about some new features in SQL 2014. The main bits I took from this were:

  • buffer pool extension – I think I understand this to be a flash write cache
  • the use of Azure for either backups or AlwaysOn
  • the resource governor being extended to I/O

…and I can’t draw Arnie.

SQL 2014: Private and Hybrid Cloud Features

I had the vaguest idea of what Polybase was before the talk. My understanding now is that it allows Parallel Data Warehouse (and therefore the user) to talk to Hadoop seamlessly. I was particularly interested in the idea that you could have your Dimension tables in SQL and Fact table in Hadoop.

SQL 2014: Migration to SQL Azure

The talk on migration to Azure was very interesting. I liked the idea of ‘the cloud continuum’. What I haven’t reflected in the Sketch are that there was a demo of the cloud GUI – well worth seeing.
Migration to sql azure

SQL 2014: Columnstore indexes

Columnstore indexes seem very cool. In principle data is stored on column-by-column (duh!) rather than row-by-row. This means that you can compress a gazillion times more effectively, and as long as people aren’t doing ‘select *’ from every table you won’t need to traverse as much data.

First talk was by Jimmy May:
columnstore - jimmy may

Second was by Sunil Agarwal:
Clustered columnstore

SQL 2014: Always On

I didn’t know much about Always On, so this filled in a lot of gaps…and there seem to have been a bunch of improvements in 2014
Always On 2014

SQL 2014: the Modern Data Warehouse

Finally, Dan Kogan’s talk about ‘the modern data warehouse’ – how ‘Big Data’ changes things, and Polybase bridges the gap bewteen the modern and the trad warehouse: