10G Oracle certification

I’m studying for my 10G certification, and to add a bit of variety I thought it would be worth typing up some odd bits and pieces here.

I originally did Oracle certification for version 7.3, when you had to do 4 exams.

Since then, I’ve always done the upgrade exams. I found this very useful in that you have to learn all of the new features – I tend to find that otherwise I concentrate only on the things that I find interesting or useful at the time.

Anyhow, this time I’ve taken a different tack – I’m doing the two exams which would certify you as a DBA ‘from scratch’.

A couple of reasons for this:

  • it makes a change
  • I did a 10G New Features course back in 2008. That, and the passage of time, mean that I think I’ve got a good enough grasp on the new features
  • I thought there would be some value in going ‘back to basics’ – to revisiting some of the theory I may have forgotten over all these long years of practice 🙂

I’m using the book below – it seems quite good so far:
Bumper Book of Oracle Certification