Getting Windows server and Oracle options details from the command line

I’ve been asked to retrieve some details on:
– the options in use on our databases and
– the servers they run on.

Oracle feature usage can be retrieved as follows:

col parameter format a35
col value format a10
select name, banner from v$version, v$database;
select name,parameter, value from v$option, v$database
where parameter in (
‘Real Application Clusters’,
‘OLAP Window Functions’,
‘Oracle Label Security’,
‘Oracle Data Mining’
order by 2,1;

Both of the commands below get server information from the commandline.

psinfo is from sysinternals and runs as follows:

psinfo \servername

This gives uptime, service packs, CPUs and memory installed

systeminfo seems to be part of Windows XP but seems to work running it against Windows 2000 servers. It runs as follows:

systeminfo /S servername /U username /P password

This gives a lot more than psinfo – it lists all the Windows patches, and a bit more of the basic detail.

I learnt about systeminfo from this online version of Robbie Allen’s Windows Server Cookbook, which looks really good.