DOS equivalent to unix find -name -print

I’m planning to type up a couple of DOS and Windows equivalents of some of my most used unix commands.

These are very much limited, partial equivalents. In this particular case, I’m not replicating all the functionality of the unix ‘find’, but 9 times out of 10 when I use find, I use it like this:

find . -name ‘sqlnet.ora’ -print

You could of course use the Windows Explorer search. However, this doesn’t help if you want to, say, save the results into a text file or process them in a batch script. And, also, I prefer the commandline!

Anyhow, my quick and dirty DOS equivalent is:

dir /B /S sqlnet.ora

Some explanation, if its needed:
– The /S says do a recursive listing
– The /B is actually do a ‘bare’ listing with no size or date info. In this context though its use is that it prefixes the directory onto the output for each file