Bookmarking Oracle Metalink in IE or Firefox

This may well be obvious, but….

If you try and save the link to a Metalink note whilst you are actually in the Note, it doesnt always work very well.

Typically you get:

There are two problems with this:
– the Name’s not very useful, and more significantly,
– the URL won’t work

The URL doesn’t work because of the string of numbers prior to the 4 consecutive colon’s. My guess is that this represents the login credentials of your current session, and these won’t work once you terminate that session or after you’ve re-booted your PC.

I currently use a couple of workarounds for this. Both involve right-clicking on a link to the page you’re currently on, so one way or another you have to navigate away from that page. It’s a bit manky, but it does seem to work.


1. Go to the top of the note
2. click on the ‘Bookmark’ link (at the top right).
3. This takes you into your own personal list of Metalink bookmarks.
4. Right-clink on the bookmark you’ve just saved
5. select ‘Bookmark this link’ (Firefox), ‘Add to Favourites’ (IE)

Sporadically I then delete all of the bookmarks on my Metalink bookmark page.


1. Use the back arrow, to go back to the page you came from
2. Right-clink on the bookmark you’ve just saved
3. select ‘Bookmark this link’ (Firefox) or ‘Add to Favourites’ (IE)

You then get the title of the note in the Bookmark, and a working URL. You need to already be logged into Metalink for it to work, though.

I *think* I had this working with as well, but since there was some sort of change to the Metalink login, the URL of the page doesn’t persist through the login screen.