(Lack of) release dates

I just typed the following into Metalink’s feedback box, and thought it might be worth adding a version of the same here too….

Would it be possible to provide more information regarding probable release dates for patch sets?

This would help with planning out people’s work and likely outages.

I’m trying to apply CPUs as they come out, and its really handy knowing when they are going to be released. However, there are no dates that I can find regarding the release.

I may have missed it, but there are no dates in the obvious places:

Note 189908.1 (Support Status and Alerts for Oracle9i Release 2) says that is “Still being developed”

Note 358776.1 (Bugs fixed in the Patch Set) has no dates

I didn’t/don’t want to go through implementing the July CPU seperately from, unless is some time away, as its a lot more work to go through the cycle twice, and means there’s two outages etc.

I raised a TAR in April to get a likely date for, and I’ve just raised another one, asking the same question.

I understand Oracle don’t want to publish dates for releases until they know you can deliver on the date (people need thumbscrews to get dates out of me!), but for the lower level patch sets would it be possible to publish an estimate ? Perhaps with suitable caveats that its not a firm date? Or a ballpark estimate as to which quarter its going to be in?

Its not as if its Oracle 11G or Windows Vista, where a release date slipping is going to make the front pages…..