SQLserver 2005 New Features

Here is some stuff I learnt yesterday evening’s SQL Server 2005 New Features session at Microsoft in Reading

Enterprise Manager

– Enterprise Manager has been re-hashed, and re-named Management Studio.

– It didn’t seem radically different in terms of what it does.

– It will work with previous versions

– Unlike Oracle’s offering, it isn’t browser based


– Now called sqlcmd

– It has definitely been much improved.

– There are a lot of command line switches.

– You can now pass in parameters from the command line. Like Oracle

– I’d be interested to see it would work with sql 2000. And sybase


– The bloke said that S2K had been ‘re-architected’ – I couldn’t really see this at all

– The concept of schemas (or schema owners) has been separated out from that of users. I think in practice this just means you have a ‘special’ type of user for owning the objects.

– There is supposed to be better levels of encryption.

– SAC – see below

Surface Area Configuration

– Embodies concept of trying to reduce the ‘surface area’ of the database i.e. the amount of stuff you’ve got installed

– There’s a specific GUI to control this, and (interestingly) a very full-featured command line option


– There’s a database mail tool. I couldn’t see much advantage to this other than not having to install the Outlook client

– There’s a concept of database snapshots. You ‘take’ a snapshot of all the data, then can optionally go back to it in an Oracle-flashback way

– Due to changes in the licensing laws, they no longer give out free beer