GTD with a Filofax

Typed up some brief notes re: the above here:

Filofax – 43FoldersWiki

More detail follows:

I’ve been using a Filofax for a long time – probably since my Psion 3c packed up – and I just read Getting Things Done. I wasn’t entirely convinced by all of it to be honest, but fwiw, here’s some notes on implementing GTD with a filofax.

I have got:

  • a Calendar Section
  • a Notes section
  • a GTD todo-type section which has the significant bits of my gtd system
  • loads of other rubbish which isn’t relevant in this context

The GTD section has 5 tabs:

  • ‘IN’ – which I use to collect ad-hoc things which I am going to need to decide what to do with. Its somewhere to write stuff that is more actionable than notes, but I don’t necessarily want to immediately make the decisions about whether I need to defer, delegate, record as a project etc
  • ‘ACTIONS’ – contains list of actions divvied-up by context (as per GTD), but also the ‘Waiting For’ list (on a different coloured paper) and a list of the projects (but not the supporting material and sub-tasks)
  • ‘PROJECTS’ – usually a page per project, headed with title (as per the list under the actions tab), and objectives. Front page is pre-printed with the headings then a blank list for the project tasks. Backside of the page is blank for notes
  • ‘SOMEDAY/MAYBE’ – as per GTD
  • ‘DISCUSS’ – page per person, or per weekly meeting

The above seems to work OK – although if I had more tabs I might do it differently.

I haven’t implemented the tickler file in the f-fax (or indeed elsewhere). I need to revisit this bit of the book and re-evaluate.

I have loads of other sources of ‘stuff’, mainly on the PC, which I have to process – but it all goes through ‘Actions’ in my f-fax.

Both for this and other f-fax stuff you really need to be printing your own forms, imho.