BJS Jobs going into 'Awaiting Execution' state

BJS is the scheduling tool we use on our Windows servers. Its produced by Camellia Software:

Camellia website

and it’s very good.

I had a problem this morning though.

BJS jobs would go into ‘Awaiting Exec’ state for up to 45 minutes before running.

The Log file would show:

* A Camellia Software Product –
* Copyright 1994-1998
* Version 2.1 – A Build 529
* ***** J O B L O G *****
* JOB NO. 0737
* Job Name: BIG Backup PWHC Open
* Username: xxx
* Submitted by:
* Server: bigserver
* Source File: \bigserverD$BJSbig_backup_pwhc_open.bat
* Output Directory: D:BJSBJSWORK

> 11/04/05 08:00:29 PM Job scheduled for execution
> 11/04/05 08:45:00 PM Job started execution

The reason for this was/is that there is a setting under Server-Administer-Change Service Parameters called ‘Maximum Batch Job Processes’. This limits the number of jobs you can run at any one time. It should be set to twice the number of jobs you might want to have running conccurrently.

There is also a setting against Job Class which does something similar – under Server-Administer-Job Class Maintenance

A case of RTFM….