Access is denied. [0x80070005] When Changing Sql Server Agent Login

Trying to change the sql server agent to run as a non-admin user, I couldn’t get Sql Server Agent To work without giving it administrator privileges. I got:

WMI Provider Error
Access is denied. [0x80070005]

You have to grant two privileges – both the Agent User and the MSSQL user.

  • SQLServerSQLAgentUser$bigserver$inst01
  • SQLServerMSSQLUser$bigserver$inst01

One thought on “Access is denied. [0x80070005] When Changing Sql Server Agent Login

  1. For some reason I had the same problem using local non admin accounts. SQL Server should have assigned the permissions but it seems like it didn’t. It helped me to add my agent user to both groups and it finally started. Go figure. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot. This is probably not best practice but at least it works.

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